Remus Rujinschi

Musician / Music production

 Producer and musician  with a career spanning over three decades. Despite his multi-genre proficiency, he has chosen to focus on dance, EDM, house, and the evolving landscape of electronic music genres. His extensive experience and diverse musical background have shaped him into a versatile artist with a unique sound.


Project details

 In recent times, Remus has focused on his latest project under his own name, which he defines as a pop-oriented sound fused with dreamy electronic soundscapes and an authentic EDM feel. 
 Remus Rujinschi's latest artistic project aims to bring peace, joy, and good vibes to the world through professionally experimented releases that emotionally move the crowd. 
As proof that he made the right choice to reveal himself artistically under his own name, his debut remix named "Tears In The Club - No Tears Mix" has reached over one million plays on Soundcloud.
 His opening remix showcases his talent for creating dreamy electronic soundscapes, with a fusion of electronic dance, funk, and pop music, and leaves the listener wanting more. With his intention to emotionally move his listeners and bring serenity to the world, Remus Rujinschi is an artist to keep an eye on in the future.

Dorian Perron 
Co-Founder @ Groover 

“In the Moment,” the latest musical offering, serves as a profound reminder of the fleeting yet infinite nature of time. It is a sonic embodiment of the philosophy that every ticking second presents  us with a unique opportunity to link with essence where the present meets the infinite, this time, this now, is all we have.

Remus Rujinschi

Latest Track

Tears In The Cloud - No Tears Mix

Remus Rujinschi

"Tears In The Club - No Tears Mix" features an opening europop style song fused with trap.
The atmosphere and lyrics of the song focus on the hope and risk that comes with achieving self-realization and walking tall in our personal galaxy path.

"Tears In The Club - No Tears Mix" is out now

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Press / Reviews

I'm swept away by tonight's style it exudes total emotion it's perfect it gets the crowd moving emotionally it's inspired by melancholy and talent melody it's it's professional Experimented ” - New Artist Discoveries
The beautiful melody of your music fascinates my heart. I hope the Ukrainian war will fall asleep peacefully with the melody and dreamy sensibility of this music. May the peace star in this music bring peace and music joy to the world with serenity.” - Chaam Sound


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